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HMO Management

We are experts in HMO legislation and in securing HMO licenses and compliance for our clients.

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HMO Management

We have used our experience and expertise that we have gained from managing HMOs to create the perfect HMO Management Package for you.

This package includes:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Robust resident licence agreements
  • Advice on deposit protection
  • Advice on procedures
  • Tenants stature

While you might want to manage your HMO property yourself, this package provides the perfect basis for doing so. You will gain access to our huge pool of knowledge that will allow you to run your HMO.



HMO Management Package

HMO Management Service

Avoid the stresses of HMO property management and use our HMO management service. We will manage your HMO for you! 

Unlike other property management companies, we specialise in HMOs and are the best equipped to assist with this.

This package includes:

  • Management of the property with our dedicated property managers
  • Rent collection
  • Advertising available rooms in your property
  • Referencing of applicants
  • Providing contracts for applicants
  • Provision of services such as maintenance and cleaning


£175+VAT: 3-4 people living in the property

£195+VAT: 5-6 people living in the property

£265+VAT: 7-10 people living in the property

£30+VAT per person: 10+ people living in the property

10+ properties: 10% off

50+ properties: 25% off

Packages to choose from
10+ people living in the property

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