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We are a family run business that guarantee to legalise your property while maximising your rental returns. Unlike others in the business who primarily have engineering or fire safety background only, we are also HMO landlords ourselves. Furthermore, through our head company we successfully manage hundreds of HMO’s all around London with nearly a thousand residents.

Should you own an HMO property and wish to make it compliant, licensed, maximising you revenue within the legal limits, or considering converting a current family-rented property to an HMO to increase your yield, or you are looking to buy one or more properties with the view of turning them to HMO’s and you want to know upfront your expenses, property limitations, possible yield and ways to increase it before making a (potentially very costly) decision – no one can give you a more detailed, landlord focused advise for your complete peace of mind.


The perfect HMO guidance service for landlords. We offer:

• HMO compliance advice
• Upgrading works to comply with HMO legislation
• Applying for your HMO licence
• Assistance with HMO planning permission
• Full HMO management service
• HMO design services
• Property re-design services to maximise your rental return and increase by up to 50%

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020 3950 8834 for London properties,  

0330 1137 267 for UK properties.


Please use our form below for an immediate answer to HMO legislation in all London boroughs.

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  • Established since 2014
  • Manage over 200 properties
  • Countless references
  • Saving landlords a fortune on needless fees


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Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe

Chief Compliance Officer

Tom has enjoyed a successful career as a professional HMO landlord and financial director for many years. He is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable multi property landlords in London and is the ‘go to man’ for up to the second advice and changes in legislation!

Christopher Florence

Christopher Florence

Managing Director

Chris has managed shared professional accommodation in London and the midlands for ten years. Chris spends most of his time working with the building and design team and is passionate about creating the perfect HMO property while maximising revenues for his clients. He is godparent to Tom’s children and is sole carer for Daisy the office doggie!

Adrienne Gibson

Adrienne Gibson

Project Manager

What is a HMO?

A HMO is basically a ‘house in multiple occupation’. In other words, it is a complete house/flat that is let to 3 tenants or more who are:

  • Forming 2 or more households*
  • Sharing a kitchen, bathroom and/or toilet

*See HERE for more detailed information and a definition of what constitutes a household.

Do I require a HMO Licence?

Whether a HMO licence is required for a property varies between councils and depends on whether your relevant local council operates an additional licensing scheme. Our HMO Guidance Service could be the perfect solution for you. Are you unsure if an HMO license is required? Learn more HERE.

What Happens if I Fail to Apply for a HMO Licence?

Failure to obtain a HMO licence is a punishable offence and may result in prosecution with potentially serious penalties and sanctions. You can find more detailed information on the possible consequences of failing to obtain a licence HERE.

How Can I Get a HMO Licence?

Obtaining a HMO Licence is a 4-step process involving:

  • Assessment of Your Property According to Your Local Authority’s Standards
  • Licence Application
  • Upgrading Your Property Where Required
  • Signing Off

Learn more HERE.

Offering the perfect HMO Guidance Service for HMO landlords, we can provide:


  • Professional helpful advice
  • Answer your immediate questions concerning your local area’s HMO Legislation 
  • Assist you in successfully achieving compliance with said legislation.

We also offer professional planning advice


Our planning consultants specialise in providing planning advise in relation to HMOs. We advise on planning applications, lawful development certificates, appeals, enforcement matters and planning appraisals. We also produce planning drawings and provide advice on transport matters.


The service we can offer

We predominantly provide advice across London and the south east. We have excellent working relationships with most London Planning Authorities and have successfully gained planning permission for HMO developments in many boroughs. We have a successful track record of obtaining planning permission for C4 and Sui-generis HMOs, new build HMOs and co-living schemes. We advise clients obtaining lawful development certificates for HMOs that have been in continuous use for over 10 years without planning permission. We provide advice on enforcement matters, appeal enforcement notices and attend public inquiries as expert witnesses.

Commercial Fire Safety


Our experts have decades of experience in the British Fire and Rescue Service and as a fire safety consultant. They also have many years of experience at sea oil tankers worldwide in over 70 countries.

Their work takes them everywhere and in all environments to carry out fire safety work, advice, training and risk assessments.

It varies from Premier League football stadiums to telephone exchanges and relay stations in remote areas-mountain tops – all over the British Isles.

Retail shops, Pub chains, residential homes, schools, Universities, large national companies with thousands of employees and hospitals.

Railways and Marine aspects – marinas.

They have worked in very difficult circumstances and political unrest areas and high security establishments.

Holiday homes and hotels in every aspect.

Heritage and listed buildings with very diverse engineered fire safety solutions.

Research has found that 16% of landlords in the UK rent to people in HMOs. 


It is estimated that an additional 177,000 HMOs will become subject to mandatory licensing in England in 2018.

Expert HMO Guidance Service for HMO landlords

For more detailed information and/or to discuss your specific needs, please do not hesitate to call our representatives on Tel.: 020 3950 8834 today.

You can also contact us and specify how you would like to be responded to, either by phone or email.

For more advice and assistance, You can find answers to many commonly asked questions on our ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page.