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HMO Fire Risk Assesment

HMO Fire Risk Assessment


Fire risk assessment is a legal requirement to all HMO’s in the UK.


Our fire risk assessors are highly trained and accredited.


Our fire risk assessment is designed specifically for HMO’s and is based on the Lacor’s guide.



Our HMO-specific assessments will give you the best possible guidance on fire safety for your property, and we only advise reasonable and practical upgrades.


Our accredited fire officer will visit your property to complete a comprehensive assessment, surveying your properties compliance with fire safety regulations.

Our fire safety experts will send you your fire risk assessment and our guidance on any upgrade work required to review following your assessment.


As fire risk assessment is a legal requirement for all HMO’s in the UK, this is your first step (if you haven’t got one yet) to comply with HMO regulations, and the findings of the assessment (if guidance is followed up) will greatly improve the fire safety of your property.