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To get their HMO licence Southampton landlords must comply with complex national legislation and local additional licensing schemes. HMO Advice’s HMO Licence Services Southampton are designed to help landlords achieve this compliance in a cost-effective, stress-free manner.


HMO Licence Southampton


Situated 24 km (15 miles) west-north-west of Portsmouth and 110 km (70 miles) south-west of London, the historic city of Southampton is Hampshire’s largest city, a major port and home to several of the world’s largest cruise ships.

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Southampton first became a major transit port between Winchester (then England’s capital) and Normandy in the 11th Century, and its long, colourful history is reflected in its many historic buildings and landmarks including, for example, the Southampton Town Walls, Bargate; the Civic Centre and the Titanic Engineers and Mayflower Memorials.


Offering exquisite shopping facilities and a vibrant cultural, arts, entertainment & music scene, Southampton is home to two universities, Southampton City College and numerous 6th Form colleges, as well as a diversity of state run and independent schools & academies.


Listed among the Top 20 UK & Top 100 Global universities and home to the NOCS (National Oceanography Centre Southampton, the focus of marine research funded by the Natural Environment Research Council), the University of Southampton enjoys an excellent global reputation for computer science & electronics, optoelectronics and engineering sciences research; chemistry, oceanography and cancer sciences, as well as sound & vibration research.


Specialising in business & industry services including, among others, training, consultancy, research and design, Southampton Solent University is also home to Warsash Maritime Academy, where training & certification for international off-shore oil and shipping industries is provided.


Major employers in the city include the docks, health, education and property; other business services, retail & wholesale, as well as car & aircraft manufacture, electrical engineering products and cables; petrochemicals, tobacco processing and grain milling.


Boasting a population density higher than London, Southampton has a significant demand for HMO properties, which must, of course, all be licensed in accordance with HMO Licence Southampton regulations.


Southampton HMO Licence Schemes


All HMO properties are subject to national mandatory licensing if they are occupied by at least 5 tenants forming at least 2 households and these tenants share basic facilities (i.e. kitchen, toilet and/or bathroom). This does not include purpose-built flats occupied by 5 tenants or more within blocks comprising of 3 self-contained flats or more.


However, under the Additional Southampton HMO Licence Schemes brought into action on the 1st and 20th of October 2018, all HMOs not covered by national mandatory licensing within the wards of Swaythling, Shirley and Portswood; Millbrook, Freemantle and Bevois; Bassett and Bargate are subject to additional licensing.


This includes all HMO properties with 3 or 4 occupants and purpose-built flats occupied by 3 tenants or more within blocks comprising of 3 self-contained flats or more.


HMO Licence Services Southampton


Applying for HMO licences under both mandatory and additional licensing schemes can be a complex, often rather confusing and somewhat stressful process.


HMO Advice’s cost-effective, unique HMO Licence Services Southampton enable local landlords to acquire their HMO licences quickly and without unnecessary stress and confusion.


If you have a property requiring a HMO licence, call HMO Advice on 0330 1137 267 now to learn more.

What is a HMO?

A HMO is basically a ‘house in multiple occupation’. In other words, it is a complete house/flat that is let to 3 tenants or more who are:

  • Forming 2 or more households*
  • Sharing a kitchen, bathroom and/or toilet

*See HERE for more detailed information and a definition of what constitutes a household.

Do I require a HMO Licence?

Whether a HMO licence is required for a property varies between councils and depends on whether your relevant local council operates an additional licensing scheme. Our HMO Guidance Service could be the perfect solution for you. Are you unsure if an HMO license is required? Learn more HERE.

What Happens if I Fail to Apply for a HMO Licence?

Failure to obtain a HMO licence is a punishable offence and may result in prosecution with potentially serious penalties and sanctions. You can find more detailed information on the possible consequences of failing to obtain a licence HERE.

How Can I Get a HMO Licence?

Obtaining a HMO Licence is a 4-step process involving:

  • Assessment of Your Property According to Your Local Authority’s Standards
  • Licence Application
  • Upgrading Your Property Where Required
  • Signing Off

Learn more HERE.

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