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HMO Licence Portsmouth – HMO Advice

Do you need to HMO Licence Portsmouth properties? Are you finding Portsmouth HMO Licence applications complex and confusing? HMO Advice’s HMO Licence Service Portsmouth is here to help…

HMO Licence Portsmouth

Affectionally referred to as Pompey by locals, the port city of Portsmouth – the UK’s only island city – is located mainly on Portsea Island, just of Hampshire’s south-east coast and approximately 31 km (19 miles) south-east of Southampton and 110 km (70 miles) south-west of London.

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One of the best-know ports in the world and boasting a significant naval port history spanning centuries, Portsmouth is home to the oldest dry dock in the world and most (two thirds, to be precise) of the United Kingdom’s surface fleet. Portsmouth HMNB is, in fact, considered the Royal Navy’s home.

The historic dockyard of Portsmouth is also home to several famous ships, including:

  • Henry VIII’s warship, the Mary Rose. Lost in 1545, this Tudor carrack was recovered in 1982 and is now on display in a dedicated Portsmouth museum.
  • HMS Warrior, Britain’s first armoured, iron-hulled battleship and
  • HMS Victory, Horatio Nelson’s flagship and the oldest naval ship in the world still in commission.

One of the city’s former naval shore establishments – the HMS Vernon – was redeveloped into Gunwharf Quays, a retail park boasting numerous cafes, restaurants, stores and pubs. Adjacent to Gunwharf Quays and dominating Portsmouth Harbour and the waterfront is Spinnaker Tower, one of the city’s most well-know landmarks and, at a height of 170 m (560 ft), one of the tallest structures in the UK.

Other major Portsmouth landmarks include the:

Portsmouth also has a great deal to offer in terms of education and excellent employment opportunities, with educational facilities including the University of Portsmouth, one of the world’s top 100 modern universities since April 2015, Highbury College, Portsmouth College, Admiral Lord Nelson School and Miltoncross Academy, and a thriving economy encompassing renowned research institutions and innovative, leading businesses in industries/sectors including:

  • Marine & Maritime Sectors
  • Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Digital & Creative Technology (IT, software, computer services, etc.)

As such, Portsmouth attracts many 1,000s of students and professionals – which generates a significant demand for shared accommodation.

Landlords wishing to cater for this demand must comply with HMO Licence Portsmouth legislation.

Portsmouth HMO Licence Requirements

While requirements for licensing a HMO property are reasonably well explained at Portsmouth.Gov.UK, the process of obtaining a Portsmouth HMO Licence can still be very complex, time-consuming and confusing.

Navigating what is undoubtedly a minefield of red tape, bureaucracy, potential misunderstandings and mistakes can be difficult and stressful – and could easily result in complications and delays.

HMO Licence Service Portsmouth

Offering a unique & highly cost-effective HMO Management package, HMO Advice Portsmouth can help you license your HMO properties without unnecessary stress, complications & delays.

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