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Baffled by the complexity of HMO Licence Luton application processes? HMO Licensing Service Luton specialise in providing local landlords with expert HMO licensing advice & assistance.


HMO Licence Luton


Home to Luton Airport and Kenilworth Road Football Stadium (Luton FC), the Bedfordshire borough and town of Luton is situated approximately 50 km (30 miles) north-west of London, on the banks of the River Lea.

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Boasting excellent shopping facilities, a plethora of restaurants & bars and a diversity of sports facilities, as well as a large, 11-screen cinema, Luton also has a thriving cultural & arts scene based around its Cultural Quarter.


Dating back as far as the 6th Century, the town’s long history can not only be explored in the Wardown Park Museum and the Stockwood Discovery Centre (Stockwood Park) but is more than evident in its wealth of historic architecture. The town is home to a total of 92 Grade I and Grade II* listed buildings and landmarks including, for example, the 12th Century St Mary’s Church, Luton Town Hall and the Luton War Memorial.


Hosting 98 state and independent educational institutes, Luton is also one of the University of Bedfordshire’s main locations and home to two colleges, Luton 6th Form College and Barnfield College.


While the town’s economy was traditionally focused on industries including millinery (hat making), engineering and car manufacture, it is now moving towards an economy that is more service-based (mostly airport sectors and retail).


There is, however, still some focus on various light industries and major employers include companies operating in industries including:


  • Advertising, marketing, digital & design,
  • Creative & cultural enterprises,
  • Electronics, aerospace and pharmaceuticals,
  • Computer programming, health and education,
  • Business & financial services,
  • Car, air & spacecraft manufacture,
  • Travel, Transport and hospitality and
  • Other professional, scientific & technical activities


Many of the students and professionals annually expanding the towns population seek the affordability and convenience of shared accommodation. The subsequent high demand for HMO properties is catered for by landlords who must invariably licence their properties under HMO Licence Luton legislation.


HMO Licensing Luton


Under the current national mandatory HMO licensing scheme, landlords must licence their properties if said properties are rented out to 5 or more tenants forming 2 or more households share bathrooms, kitchens and/or toilets.


HMO licensing Luton also requires landlords to comply with and maintain specific standards in terms of basic housing, health & safety, fire safety, size, etc. More detailed information on what exactly is required can be found at Luton.Gov.UK.


HMO Licensing Service Luton


Achieving compliance with the requirements for HMO licence applications is a complex, time-consuming and at times downright baffling process, with local landlords frequently facing what can only be described as a minefield of potential errors, bureaucracy & reams of red tape.


Offering specialist advice and assistance with all aspects of HMO licensing, HMO Advice’s HMO Licensing Service Luton can help you get your HMO license quickly, without unnecessary delays due to confusion and/or potential mistakes – and without excessive stress.

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What is a HMO?

A HMO is basically a ‘house in multiple occupation’. In other words, it is a complete house/flat that is let to 3 tenants or more who are:

  • Forming 2 or more households*
  • Sharing a kitchen, bathroom and/or toilet

*See HERE for more detailed information and a definition of what constitutes a household.

Do I require a HMO Licence?

Whether a HMO licence is required for a property varies between councils and depends on whether your relevant local council operates an additional licensing scheme. Our HMO Guidance Service could be the perfect solution for you. Are you unsure if an HMO license is required? Learn more HERE.

What Happens if I Fail to Apply for a HMO Licence?

Failure to obtain a HMO licence is a punishable offence and may result in prosecution with potentially serious penalties and sanctions. You can find more detailed information on the possible consequences of failing to obtain a licence HERE.

How Can I Get a HMO Licence?

Obtaining a HMO Licence is a 4-step process involving:

  • Assessment of Your Property According to Your Local Authority’s Standards
  • Licence Application
  • Upgrading Your Property Where Required
  • Signing Off

Learn more HERE.

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