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Leicester HMO Licence – HMO Advice Leicester

Does your property require a Leicester HMO Licence? HMO Advice Leicester offer expert advice & assistance with all aspects and requirements of HMO Licensing Leicester landlords must comply with.


HMO Licence Leicester


Located approximately 180 km (112 miles) south-west of London, the East Midlands city of Leicester is a unitary authority area and county town of Leicestershire. Situated by the River Soar, it is close to the National Forest’s eastern end.

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Reputed to be one of England’s oldest cities, with excavated signs of early settlements dating back to the Iron Age (2nd or 1st Century BC) and occupation by the Romans from about 47 AD onward.


Now boasting the East Midlands’ second largest economy, a vibrant cultural, music and arts scene and excellent shopping, dining and sports facilities, Leicester is home to numerous parks, museums and notable theatres. The city’s long history can be seen in its diversity of architectural styles, historic sites and landmarks including, among many others, the:


  • Magazine, or Newarke Gateway,
  • Arch of Remembrance,
  • Jewry Wall Museum and
  • Leicester Cathedral


Home to several independent and comprehensive schools, Leicester is also home to the University of Leicester, the De Montford University and the National Space Centre (partly due to the University of Leicester being among the UK’s first universities specialising in space science).


The city’s thriving economy is supported by industries including:


  • Agriculture, forestry & fishing
  • Accommodation & food services
  • Arts, entertainment & recreation
  • Education, health & other services
  • Financial, business & insurance
  • Information & communication
  • Manufacturing, Construction & Motor trades
  • Mining, quarrying & utilities
  • Professional, scientific & technical
  • Public administration & defence
  • Transport & storage
  • Wholesale, Retail & Property


Offering both excellent educational facilities and outstanding employment opportunities, Leicester annually attracts great numbers of students and professionals hoping to find employment.


For many of these individuals, HMO properties offer the most convenient and affordable type of accommodation. Under current legislation, landlords offering such properties for rent must acquire a Leicester HMO Licence.


HMO Licensing Leicester


HMO properties in Leicester must be licensed if they are occupied by a minimum of five individuals who:


  • Are not from a single household
  • Share facilities such as, for example, a kitchen, a bathroom and/or a toilet


As landlords must comply with certain basic housing, health & safety, fire safety and size standards, the process of obtaining an HMO licence can be complex, time-consuming and occasionally both baffling and stressful.


Leicester council is also proposing to introduce an additional, selective licensing scheme for areas with high private rented accommodation levels, which include parts of Braunstone Park, Castle & Fosse; Rowley Fields & Saffron; Stoneygate & Westcotes (learn more).


If this proposed scheme is brought into force, HMO licensing Leicester could become even more complicated and confusing.


HMO Advice Leicester


Based on the experience and extensive reservoir of knowledge we gleaned through many years of licensing HMO properties as landlords ourselves, our HMO Management Package is designed to enable local landlords to comply with required standards and obtain their licence without undue confusion, stress and delays.

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What is a HMO?

A HMO is basically a ‘house in multiple occupation’. In other words, it is a complete house/flat that is let to 3 tenants or more who are:

  • Forming 2 or more households*
  • Sharing a kitchen, bathroom and/or toilet

*See HERE for more detailed information and a definition of what constitutes a household.

Do I require a HMO Licence?

Whether a HMO licence is required for a property varies between councils and depends on whether your relevant local council operates an additional licensing scheme. Our HMO Guidance Service could be the perfect solution for you. Are you unsure if an HMO license is required? Learn more HERE.

What Happens if I Fail to Apply for a HMO Licence?

Failure to obtain a HMO licence is a punishable offence and may result in prosecution with potentially serious penalties and sanctions. You can find more detailed information on the possible consequences of failing to obtain a licence HERE.

How Can I Get a HMO Licence?

Obtaining a HMO Licence is a 4-step process involving:

  • Assessment of Your Property According to Your Local Authority’s Standards
  • Licence Application
  • Upgrading Your Property Where Required
  • Signing Off

Learn more HERE.

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