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HMO Licence Oxford – HMO Advice

We are experts in HMO legislation and in securing HMO licenses and compliance for our clients.

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HMO Licence Oxford – HMO Advice

Our HMO Licence Management Services Oxford are designed to help local HMO landlords make successful, stress-free HMO Licence Oxford applications.

HMO Licence Oxford

Located 98 km (61 miles) from Bristol, 95 km (59 miles) from Southampton, 92 km (57 miles) from Birmingham, 82 km (51 miles) from London, and 39 km (24 miles) from Reading, the city of Oxford is home to one of the world’s oldest, most famous universities, the University of Oxford.

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Oxford’s origins date all the way back to the Saxon period (410 AD to 1066 AD). Demonstrating exceptional examples of every architectural period since the latter part of the Saxon period, the city’s noble buildings bear witness to its long history and include famous landmarks like, to name just some of them, Radcliffe Camera, Carfax Tower and the city’s very own Bridge of Sighs; the university’s iconic Bodleian Library and the historic Covered Market.

Dominating the city since the 14th Century, the ever-expanding University of Oxford – which was first established in the 12th Century – now encompasses a staggering diversity of institutions, including a complete range of academic university departments and 38 consistent colleges.

Oxford education is, however, not limited to the confines of the university. The city also boasts an extensive selection of primary, secondary, further & higher education schools, colleges and adult learning centres; specialist educational facilities, tutorial colleges, language schools and training providers, as well as relevant funding bodies (learn more).

In addition to education, the city boasts a wide economic base with numerous IT & science-based businesses (many of which are academic offshoots), publishing and motor manufacturing industries.

Renowned for its exceptional diversity and standard of educational facilities, Oxford is continually home to students from all over the world – many of whom prefer the cost-effectiveness and convenience of sharing accommodation with like-minded individuals.

As such, Oxford has an exceptionally high demand for HMO properties – every one of which is subject to HMO Licence Oxford rules & regulations.

Oxford HMO Licence Requirements

HMO landlords in Oxford not only have to license their properties under current UK HMO legislation (Gov.UK) but most also comply with local Oxford HMO licence requirements, which stipulate that all houses & flats must be licensed if:

  • They are occupied by three tenants or more
  • These tenants form more than one household and
  • Tenants share basic amenities (i.e. kitchen and/or toilet/bathroom)

Furthermore, buildings converted into self-contained flats (partially or exclusively) require HMO licences if they contain at least one non-contained flat (bedroom/bedsit) occupied and sharing amenities as above, or if they are ‘Section 257’ houses (see here for more detailed information).

HMO Licence Management Services Oxford

Having successfully navigated the complex, rather confusing minefield of red tape & bureaucracy these requirements present landlords with for years, we now offer unique HMO Licence Management Services Oxford designed to help landlords in and around the city to acquire HMO licences in the most cost-effective, efficient and stress-free manner possible.

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