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Watford HMO Licence – HMO Advice

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Watford HMO Licence – HMO Advice

Need to apply for a Watford HMO Licence? HMO Advice’s unique HMO Licensing Management Service Watford will enable you to comply with requirements in a stress-free, time- and cost-effective manner.

HMO Licence Watford

Located approximately 24 km (15 miles) to the north-west of Central London and heading Hertfordshire County Council’s list of preferred retail development sites, historic Hertfordshire town & borough Watford is one of the northern home counties’ major regional economic centres.

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Home to Warner Bros. Leavesden Film Studios, an 80-hectare complex used for many Hollywood film productions and the site of the “Making of Harry Potter” Studio Tour, Watford boasts an impressive range of shopping, dining and nightlife facilities, as well as museums, theatres and art centres; 43 public parks, recreation grounds, gardens and allotments.

Watford has 10 conservation areas and its long history is well represented throughout the town with a listed (Grade II) park, 240 locally listed and 92 nationally listed buildings, including the 12th Century St Mary’s Church and the 19th Century Holy Rood Church.

Some of the town’s landmarks include the stylish intu Watford (formerly The Harlequin) Shopping Centre, Odham Press Hall, the Sun Clock Tower and the delightful Owl Tree, which can be admired in the town’s Cassiobury Park.

Home to a multitude of state, independent and partially/non-selective schools, the town has a West Herts College campus and a branch of London’s School of Theology, the CML (Centre for Missional Leadership). Nearby independent schools include the Purcell specialist music school.

In addition to its large concentration of shops, cafes and restaurants, clubs and bars, Watford is home to several major national and international companies’ head offices, including among others:

  • Camelot Group, J D Wetherspoon and Mothercare
  • Bathstore, BrightHouse (Caversham Finance) and Hilton Worldwide
  • TK Maxx, Total Oil and Costco
  • Beko, Vinci and JJ Kavanagh & Sons

Many of the students and professionals coming to Watford seek the convenience, company and cost-effectiveness provided by HMO accommodation – which is, of course, subject to Watford HMO licence legislation.

HMO Licensing Watford

Under current HMO legislation, any HMO property must be licensed if:

  • It is occupied by at least 5 tenants
  • These tenants form multiple households
  • Basic amenities (kitchen, bathroom, toilet) are shared by these households

HMO licensing Watford properties also requires local landlords to comply with certain size, fire, health & safety and basic housing standards – and applying for HMO licences can be a complex, time-consuming and often stressful process.

HMO Licensing Management Service Watford

HMO Advice offer a unique, cost-effective HMO Licensing Management Service Watford designed to make the HMO licence application process both easier and less stressful for landlords.

Based on years of experience in handling HMO licence applications as landlords ourselves, our HMO Management Package draws on our vast knowledge reservoir to provide advice and assistance with all aspects of licensing HMO properties, including procedures, commercial contracts and tenants stature; robust, well-spelled out resident licence agreements and, of course, deposit protection.

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