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HMO Licence Coventry – HMO Advice

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HMO Licence Coventry – HMO Advice

HMO Licence Coventry: Take the stress & confusion out of complying with Coventry HMO licence requirements with HMO Advice’s unique & cost-effective HMO Licence Management Service Coventry.

HMO Licence Coventry

Situated 151 km (94 miles) northwest of London, 39 km (24 miles) southwest of Leicester, 31 km (19 miles) east-southeast of Birmingham and 18 km (11 miles) north of Warwick, Coventry is just 18 km (11 miles) south-southwest of England’s geographical centre, which makes it the county’s most central city.

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Boasting a long, colourful history spanning more than 1,000 years, Coventry has been a major centre of trade, varying industries, art and culture for centuries. Much of this history is reflected in the city’s historic sites and architecture. The city’s most famous landmarks include Coventry Cathedral, the spire of which joins with the spires of Holy Trinity Church and Christ Church to form the ‘Three Spires’ dominating Coventry’s skyline since 14th Century.

Other major landmarks include the ruins of Coventry Castle, St Mary’s Guildhall and Millennium Square, which incorporates a Time Zone Clock designed by artist Françoise Schein and two unique steel constructions, Whittle Arch and a Glass Bridge.

Set to become the UK’s City of Culture in 2021, Coventry is also home to several museums, arts centres, music and theatre venues including, among many others, Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry Transport Museum and Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, the city’s largest cultural institution; Belgrade Theatre, which is one of Britain’s largest production theatres, Albany Theatre and the Ricoh and Skydome Arenas.

Educational institutions in Coventry include Coventry University, University of Warwick and several specialist colleges including:

  • Finham Park School – IT & Mathematics
  • Coventry Blue Coat C. of E. School – Music
  • Cardinal Wiseman Language College & Catholic School
  • Bishop Ullathorne RC School – Humanities
  • Ernesford Grange Community Science Academy
  • Coundon Court School – Technology
  • Pattison College – Performing Arts
  • Caludon Castle School – Business & Enterprise
  • Exhall Grange School & Science College

Combined with the city’s diversity of manufacturing, business & financial service and logistics; leisure, research, design & development and creative industries, this outstanding range of higher education facilities attracts many international students and professionals – many of whom choose to live in shared accommodation. Landlords providing this accommodation must, of course, comply with HMO Licence Coventry requirements.

Coventry HMO Licence Requirements

In addition to the HMO legislation changes actioned in October 2018 (learn more here: Gov.UK), landlords must now apply for a Coventry HMO Licence for all properties where 3 or more tenants forming more than a single household share a kitchen, toilet and/or bathroom. This includes properties consisting of:

  • Entire houses/flats
  • Houses that were converted into non-self-contained accommodation/bedsits
  • Converted houses containing one or more not fully self-contained flats

Buildings entirely converted into self-contained flats must also be licensed if conversions did not meet 1991 Building Regulations standards and more than a third of these flats are rented out on short-term tenancies (learn more).

HMO Licence Management Service Coventry

Licensing HMO properties in Coventry is a complex, potentially confusing and stressful process. Unique, cost-effective and based on years of experience, HMO Advice’s HMO Licence Management Service Coventry can help you acquire your HMO licence without stress and in full compliance with local requirements.

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