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Exeter HMO Licence – HMO Advice Exeter

We are experts in HMO legislation and in securing HMO licenses and compliance for our clients.

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Exeter HMO Licence – HMO Advice

HMO Advice’s unique HMO Licensing Services Exeter are designed to help local landlords achieve compliance with complex Exeter HMO licence requirements.

HMO Licence Exeter


Call us now to see how we can help you – 020 3950 8834.

Under current national HMO legislation, all properties let to five tenants or more forming more than just one household and sharing basic amenities (such as, for example, a kitchen, toilet and/or bathroom) must be licensed.

While this naturally applies to all Exeter properties subject to HMO licensing Exeter landlords must also:

  • Comply with Exeter HMO Licensing Standards
  • Acquire their licenses via their local councils –many of which have put additional licensing schemes into action.

This can make the already rather complex process of acquiring an HMO licence in Exeter even more complicated, stressful and confusing.

HMO Licensing Services Exeter

Having successfully navigated Exeter HMO licensing’s intricate maze of red tape, local bureaucracy and various additional schemes as landlords ourselves, we here at HMO Advice have the experience and know-how to help local landlords obtain their licences without undue stress, confusion and delays.

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